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The purpose for this site is to help educate women to not only see the need to protect themselves but to feel comfortable defending themselves. My desire is to help women who have never owned or touched a gun, and for those who have, to see a need to be able to defend themselves, to be prepared, to feel comfortable handling & owning a gun for the purpose of self-defense.

To keep your rights:

Recommended Books:

Armed & Female: by Paxton Quigley Armed&Female.gif

The Best Defense: by Robert A. Waters
True Stories of Intended Victims Who Defended Themselves With a Firearm
This book will open your eyes and awaken you to the fact that you or someone you know may be a victim someday. How will you respond in a situation of criminal attack? Are you prepared to prevent, deter a crime or to defend yourself, if need be? Reading these true life events of people who used firearms for protection caused me to Be Aware & work on being better prepared for how I will respond in a given situation. When it comes to self-defense, what you don't know can hurt you. Similar events can happen to anyone. Thanks to this book, it's become my decision to Never be a Victim and learn how to deal with certain people, learn precautions to take, and train to protect myself, my family, friends, and even strangers, if need be. This is a book EVERY family should have, read, and remember.

More Guns, Less Crime:Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws
(Studies in Law and Economics): by John R. Lott

Great books available through the NRA:

The Basics of Pistol Shooting

The Concealed Handgun Manual, Second Edition

The Basics of Personal Protection

ARTICLES: Published 24-AUG-1999 in The Free Citizen:
The Anti-Gun Crowd VS The Right To Bear Arms Pack by Cheri Denton

Published 16-JUL-2000 in Keep and Bear Arms.com:
Why I Love Guns by Charles Carner

Women Against Gun Control - the Reality

Coronado Leather Handbags: Coronado concealment handbags are designed to offer women an alternative means of self-protection without compromising style and quality. The Coronado Handbag Collection defines Style, Function and Value with shapes and designs built with classic appeal and others with a more modern flare. Coronado Leather Handbags
Feminine Protection : The Purse with a Purpose

Recommended Training:
Local NRA Instructors for Courses & Classes

Local Shooting Ranges for practice & ease of handling; Courses offered for training & practice.

Other: Kenpo Karate - Kenpo training is one of the most rigorous of all the Martial Arts due to the fact that every part of the body may be used as a weapon as well as the inherent weapons training received in Kenpo training

Recommended Organizations:

National Rifle Association of America



Law Enforcement Alliance of America


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